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Welcome to DOPE  ERA (Electronic Art Submission Application).

Thank you for your interest in Dope Era products.

As a general policy, Dope Era does not accept ideas submitted by persons outside the company, unless we have secured in advance the right to use such materials. For this reason, if you choose to attach any business plans or other materials to your application, you agree that Dope Era is not subject to any restrictions in using such materials, and you grant to Dope Era a non-exclusive license to use them without compensation to you.

Dope Era makes all decisions concerning distribution of its products strictly from DOPE ERA's own, independent point of view. Completion of the following documents does not guarantee your art submission will be used as an authorized Dope Era item. 

Please note: Internet Explorer users have experienced problems using our site. For best results we recommend using one of the following browsers: Google Chrome™, Mozilla® Firefox®, or Apple® Safari®.

If you have technical issues with our site, please contact the Dope Era's USA Customer Information team via email to dopeera@att.net.